Hedon 1.1.0 Released!

First of all, check out Mr. Icarus' review of Hedon! 

Secondly, 1.1.0 version has released, addressing many of the problems encountered above!

NOTE: You cannot transfer your saves from one version to another. You can only copy your settings by moving your gzdoom-yourusername.ini from the previous version into the new one's folder.

1.1.0 Changelog:


- Buffed up the Spikegun, Fragfire Gun and Crylance primary fire damage by roughly 20%;
- Modified the Spikegun's fire sound a bit;
-  Fragshot pellets now have some tiny fire trails (visual effect only) and an increased hitbox size, making them easier to hit targets; - Increased the Fragfire Gun's Flameshot's area of effect damage substantially, making it a far better tool at dealing with grouped enemies;
- Increased the Acid Potion's minimum damage to make it feel more consistent and predictable;
- Decreased the Crushbow's Fire Bolt direct damage, but increased the radius damage instead, thus making it into a more proper HE weapon (as opposed to the Impact Bolts which retain their single target damage, penetration and speed);

- Increased all armor damage reduction by 5%, taking a further step in making it a more important and depletable resource rather than a thing you usually have on you all the time and doesn't influence the game that much;

- Iron Urchin HP from 40 to 30;

 - Few minor changes including new graphics for readable scrolls which should make them easier to tell apart;

- Lots of typo fixes in the readables;
- Other bugfixes and few item placement modifications;
- Several navigation improvements (lights, sounds, textures etc.), but more importantly:
- Map04: Few visual modifications in the forge area that should make it less confusing;
- Map05: Turning on the auxiliary power now also lowers the main gate to the Reaver HQ, offering the player a more obvious way to get inside besides shooting the gate switch or breaking the underwater window;
- Map07: The magic seal holding the lever that opens the mountain gate has been moved to the actual mountain gate switch now;

- Changed the difficulty description a bit to sway people from regarding Hedonistic as the best one to play on and just pick one that they feel would better suit them.  
  - Monster health from 60% to 70%;
 - Monster health from 80% to 85%;


Hedon 1.1.0 Win 64-bit.zip 234 MB
Mar 30, 2019
Hedon 1.1.0 Win 32-bit.zip 233 MB
Mar 30, 2019
Hedon 1.1.0 Source.zip (For MacOS) 228 MB
Mar 30, 2019

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