Hedon 1.2.0 Released!

Hedon 1.2.0 has released bringing important bugfixes, custom weapon-specific crosshairs and improvements in the ambient sound design for each map so far.
Also, Linux version is coming soon, so stay tuned!

1.2.0 Changelog:

- Linux version is out!


 - Every weapon now has its own custom crosshair! You can also opt to have the same one for all (as before) from HUD Options (Force default crosshair);
- Improved HUD sprite graphics for the Spike Gun;
- Spike Gun alt fire change: while aiming down sights, you now shoot in 3-round bursts at maximum damage per shot;
- Reduced Fragfire Gun's horizontal pellet spread by 15%;
- Increased Fragfire Can ammo cap from 640 to 800 (960 with Bag of Holding);
- Increased the explosion radius for the large Cryball of the Crylance alt fire, and increased the damage of the Mini Cryballs spawned afterwards by 50%;

- Blind Nithriel's detection radius reduced by 25%, making the avoidance segment of Map06 less punishing;

- Several new ambient sounds;

- Ambient sound design overhaul for each of the maps; - Minor visual changes to Map01 (and subsequently Map06) and Map02 to futher aid in navigation;
- Map01 music now starts later in the level;
- Fixed a critical bug in Map06 where one of Nithriel's clones would get stuck preventing any progress;
- Fixed a major bug in Map06 where the Potion of Might needed for Nithriel's first phase would not spawn on certain difficulties;
- Lots of typo fixes in the readables and dialogue (many thanks to JaywalkingKnight, spart_n and JohnnyWolf for spotting the errors!)


Hedon 1.2.0 Win 64-bit.zip 235 MB
Apr 12, 2019
Hedon 1.2.0 Win 32-bit.zip 234 MB
Apr 12, 2019
Hedon 1.2.0 Source.zip 229 MB
Apr 12, 2019

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