A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hedon - Episode One (Freeware version containing the first full episode with all content up to 1.2.0)

For the full commercial release with a slightly expanded first episode and future content to come, check it out on Steam!

NOTE for Mac OS users: You will need to download the game's engine separately and perform a manual configuration of the game. The instructions are included in the download file (Hedon 1.x.y Source).  I can't guarantee that it will work, but I suppose it's better than nothing.
Linux/Ubuntu version packing and launch script by www.gamersonlinux.com

Devblog/more consistent updates over at - https://www.patreon.com/hedon

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Hedon's is also on IndieDB now - https://www.indiedb.com/games/hedon

Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVqrYHg7-EvneYjonzHEUw

Permission is granted for the use of full video-audio footage from Hedon in order to stream, showcase or review it in any form.



15 Minutes of Gameplay (v1.0.0)

Hedon is an entirely original game designed throughout a fair number of years, first as a concept/fantasy world, and thanks to the Doom modding community - an actual thing in the works.

Why give Hedon a try?

➣ It's an oldschool/boomercore  shooter not by just looks and engine, but by gameplay.

➣ Gory, fast paced shooting, a solid arsenal of weapons and magic items.

➣ Sprawling levels that offer a degree of freedom and don't hold the player's hand. Exploring, hunting secrets, backtracking, patience and having to figure out what to do next is key. Monsters and pickups are hand-placed and vary according to the difficulty you play on.

➣  Original story packed with lots of lore and doubled by a permeating atmosphere.

➣ Original soundtrack ranging from tense to serene ambient, spiced up with bursts of metal. Also, did I mention Alexander Brandon? If you enjoyed the Unreal and Deus Ex soundtracks, you're in for a treat!

➣ Thousands of hours of work put into an original concept, digital drawn graphics (textures, sprites, frame by frame animations etc.), scripting, sound effects and level design, all by a one man dev team aiming to create a unique game with a unique atmosphere.

➣ It's small, portable, easy to set up and play (unzip and go).



My aim is to research classic game design and refresh the valuable bits we've lost in an experience that ultimately rewards the player through learning and investment rather than through mechanically administered gratification.


Hedon is an oldschool shooter, and that's pretty much enough of a description. Fast paced, gory gun play, non linear level design, various aesthetics (forest, caves, forge, barracks, snowy mountain etc.), exploration and learning by yourself is key (puzzles and secrets that reward the player investment in the game and so on).

You may find that Hedon takes a certain amount of inspiration from games such as Unreal, Blood, Thief, Arx Fatalis, Serious Sam etc. but nonetheless aims to be original at all times.



You play as Zan (any similarity with the creator's username is a pure coincidence), a half orc - half demon warrior who wakes up in a caved in tunnel with no memory of how she ended up there. The first episode will focus on our hero's descent into a strange underground world which is threatened by the sudden attack of a massive Cultist force.


☼ LORE ☼

There are certain races and factions populating the world of Hedon.

➣ The Iron Division

A faction of amazon-like orcs and goblins, the Iron Division are the keepers Hedon's greatest secret - the crystal technology. Various magical crystals sprawl across the underground, providing energy, heat, oxygen and often forming entire biomes around them. Combining this power with crafting and the ancient art of magic, the Iron Division has founded a whole new civilization within their mountain stronghold known as Valc.

➣ The Cultists

Fallen to sin, the raving husks of what were once human now worship various figures of the Underworld. Little can be done to cull their addiction to pain and suffering. Little but a spray of frag fire or an explosive bolt that is...

➣ The Demons

Chaotic Demons dwell in the deepest parts of Hedon, lashing out at the weaker minds of the inhabitants of the Overworld. Along the ages, they have subdued entire towns to become their cultist slaves and feed their endless hunger through pain and suffering. Demons only care about feeding, and they will stop at nothing to do so.

➣ The Earthborn

Ancient dwellers of the underground, Minotaurs and Dwarves have built their own civilisations, ever clenched in warfare with the Demons spawning from below. However, their great cities and lore were lost hundreds of years after their inevitable defeat in front of hell's armies, and now they have been scattered and forced to live in small clans and towns.



iamfailtacular - story collaboration/world building, brainstorming

Akhzul - Hedon's OST dedicated composer. A one guitar man band.

Alexander Brandon - The man himself. If you enjoyed the soundtracks of Deus Ex or Unreal, then you're in for a few pleasant surprises. I bought few licenses for some of his personal tracks (and other songs that didn't make it in Deus Ex/Unreal) and fit them into Hedon!

Breathelast - A band of underground sharks who pitched in with instrumental tracks of their songs. Also one of my favorite bands ever.

Methadone Skies - Another solid band from the underground, guilty of creating permeating musical atmospheres.

Shivaxi & Xenofish - 5 Michelin Star chef and his cool friend who made an awesome remix for Alexander Brandon's Underworld.



Engine: GZDoom
Coding/Scripting/Resource Management: SLADE3
Level Design: GZDoom Builder
Graphic Design (Textures, Sprites, Animations etc.): Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, Clip Studio Paint
3D Modelling: Blender
Sound Editing/Recording/Mixing: Audacity

Install instructions

NOTE: You cannot transfer your saves from one version to another. You can only copy your settings by copying your gzdoom-yourusername.ini from the previous version/game's folder into the new one's folder.

Windows Instructions: Unzip the folder anywhere you want to and launch via GZDoom - Launch Hedon.exe; The process is similar for Linux/Ubuntu, as the game is portable. Just download the proper version for your OS and you're good to go, no installation required.

MacOS users need to manually download the GZDoom engine and configure Hedon in order to play it properly. Instructions are included in the download file (Hedon 1.x.y Source). I do not guarantee that the game will work properly as I have no means of testing it myself on a Mac, but for most people so far it worked.



Hedon 1.2.0 Linux 64-bit.tar.gz 237 MB
Hedon 1.2.0 Source.zip 229 MB
Hedon 1.2.0 Win 32-bit.zip 234 MB
Hedon 1.2.0 Win 64-bit.zip 236 MB

Development log


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I'm playing the Steam version of the game, and I'm loving it!!! I've not finished it yet, so I'm not reading anything about it to avoid spoilers.

I just wanted to ask a question: when you say that this is "Episode One", does that mean that more Hedon episodes are gonna come in the future?


Yes, I've recently started working on the next episode, but the game was planned in at least three parts from the get go.

Is version 1.4.0 expected to release on the itch.io version soon? I noticed it released on the Steam version a week ago, but I'm uncertain if it takes longer to upload new builds to itch.

I might release it here too, have to check some stuff before, though. I'm basically not sure if I can have both a free and paid version on the same itch page.


I said to a friend of mine that this game was so good, I'd buy it if I could. Now I can. So, I will. Enjoy the money, you deserve it! This is a damned fine game.

If I buy the game, can I use the freeware savefiles ? I am enjoying the game a lot so far. Also wondering if you plan to expand on the universe ?


No, sadly you won't be able to use the files. You can always finish the freeware version and then play on the hardest difficulty on the Steam version for a different experience or something. You could also use cheats to select the level and attempt to restore your gear.

Next update will land somewhere in July, and I hope to add the paid version here on itch as well.

Awesome as heck game, but whenever I try to exit the first level, the game crashes and GZDoom asks me to send a report. Not sure what to do so some insight would help.

Never heard of this problem before, does GZDoom issue a crash log or something?


Ok after uninstalling and reinstalling it, it works now

I feel obligated to ask, what's with the trend of early releases on Itch graduating to Steam exclusivity? No offense or anything, I just prefer having the standalone backup and it strikes me as odd when a standalone exists but ends up abandoned.

I'd put the full version here too, but I think itch has some issues and you can't have both a free and a paid version of the game at the same time on the page. I will try to bring it here too but as I said with the GoG plans too, I am simply busy 24/7 these days to be able to handle anything more than I currently am.

Alright cool. Thanks for the reply, I feel like the context on the why's and why not's of cross-service releases is generally hard to come by.

Yo! I'm about halfway through the Steam version right now and I gotta say I love it to bits. I saw you mention that more content is coming, and while I don't know exactly what that means you have planned, I thought I'd put myself out there and offer some music. I started making music about 9 years ago with Alexander Brandon as my main inspiration and have since also delved into metal and ambient among others. I already have a bunch of material and am more than willing to make more. If you're interested, of course hit me up - but I understand if you've already got what you need :)

Hey there, I mostly have what I need but feel free to mail me at hedongame@yahoo.com and show me your work, I'd probably enjoy it a lot :^)



This was solid in every way.  Art design, level design, gameplay, world building.  It's great!  I've been on an old-school shooter kick lately (Heretic and Blood especially), and this fits the bill perfectly. Picking up the Steam version ASAP.

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Much appreciated, there aren't a lot of changes/new stuff right now, but more will come in time for the Steam version :^)

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I had to put off picking it up until last night, but I'm super happy to have this on Steam and I look forward to future updates!

When I have a great time playing through a few levels of a game more than once (on both platforms), it's a sign of some quality gaming entertainment.

Thanks, hoping to release the next update somewhere in July with some new content and stuff, after which I'll start working on the next episode :^)


Are there any plans to bring the full pay version to Itch.io ?


I will try but I don't promise anything, this month I'm busy 24/7 so I can barely handle managing the Steam part.

Really cool game. I love the mixing in of immersive sim feeling bits of Thief & Arx Fatalis. Atmosphere is really great! The art of the sprites suits the environments too.

The world is actually interesting, somewhat surprising when you've got dwarves & orcs & the like. I'd like to know more about this world. 

However something that hurts the immersion is the text: by default it's much too small, and if you navigate thru the 5000 options and resize it, the lines all squash together, making you not want to read the notes strewn about. I realize a lot of this is on gzdoom, but would it be impossible to have cutaway parchment notes with scribbled text as in Thief or various RPGs?

Nitpick aside, absolutely keeping my eye on this as it develops!

Hey, thanks! I am working on the wiki page right now, although it's far from done, but you can find more lore on it - https://hedon.fandom.com/wiki/Hedon_Wiki
Regarding your issue, if your screen resolution is 1920x1080 then you should have a fine text size if you move that slider to 2. I did think about making some custom graphics but that has its own shortcomings unfortunately.


There seems to be an issue with the Linux archive. When trying to install the game through the itch app, it complains about "invalid tar header" and checking the file it does indeed seem to be a gzipped tar file, not a regular tar file.
I think renaming the file to the proper ending of "Hedon 1.2.0 Linux 64-bit.tar.gz" should fix this.


Thanks for the heads up, I've updated the file. Is it working now? Also can you please check if it still works by simply downloading the file?


Yup, it now works correctly from within the itch app as well as through regular downloading :) Thanks for the quick fix.


You've done a fantastic job on this. I haven't gotten through the entire game yet, but I'm gonna download the 1.1.0 version here and play through again on a higher difficulty.

Quick question; On Map07 - Parapet, there are 4 secrets listed. I found the three 'obvious' ones, the closet, the closet's closet, and the hidden potion of might. I couldn't find the fourth one so I got nosy and highlighted the secret sectors. Is that correct that it's somewhere in the grotto connecting the level exit, barracks and crystal ward building? I can't seem to find any way to actually trigger that secret, if there is indeed a way.

(2 edits) (+1)

Let's see if you can figure it out  in 1.1.0, I made few changes that should better guide players to getting it.  :^)

(1 edit) (+1)

Just found it on the second play through! It wasn't another pinup sadly, but well worth the search nonetheless. ;D

I also had an issue during the first boss battle, where the music track played once and didn't loop again. Might have been a symptom of my quickloading, though.

Damn it, you're not the only one who had the music loop problem, and I have no idea what may cause it or how to fix it. Trust me, I racked my brain along with some of the testers and nothing seemed to work. :s


Beautiful, I forgot how awesome such games were or.. are :) Youtube video coming up, but I'm ging to make sure that I don't spoil anything because that mine... I laughed my ass off when I found what I had to do... and I didn't find it for minutes... xD


Oh wow, just as I released 1.1.0. Can't wait for any video about it, make sure to share it here too!


Speaking of videos, I suggest you put somewhere a written "Video Policy" because you know Youtube can be kind of crap sometimes managing Copyright, but if you explicitly allow people to make videos we can protect ourselves from trolls who strike channels for fun.


Will do, thanks for the heads up!


Haha yeah, but I just left the mines so i'm not that far yet :3 there are already a few videos out there about your game :) one of them also skipped the spoilers :P they are nice and explain what your game is about. Some even compared it to Doom ;)


This is holy. This is quality.